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The RotoWind hatch has a base that is fixed to the structure and a ring that turns on an axis to allow any opening orientation. When the hatch is closed, it does not move, is airtight, and 100% waterproof. The RotoWind has proven extremely reliable, year after year. All OEM are patented.


  • Nautical & RV models
  • 4 nautical sizes available
  • Custom options

These Mobile RotoWind models are designed for life on the go, specifically for nautical and RV applications. This is an entirely new way to ventilate a cabin.

Like all other ventilation hatches, it opens, but it also allows you to choose the orientation, allowing you to ventilate or extract the air inside your boat or RV cabin.


  • Small buildings
  • Self sufficient homes
  • Custom options

The Fixed RotoWind models for small buildings exceed all technical and environmental parameters that are currently in demand by this market.

These RotoWind models are designed for ventilation and extraction of air and smoke. They are easily adaptable to almost any situation.


The Rotowind optimizes ventilation depending on the direction and strength of the wind. This system is relatively effective for ventilation or air extraction when the winds are correctly oriented. If wind direction is inconsistent in strength and direction, excessive ventilation or the inability to extract air may occur if the hatch is not oriented properly.

When the wind speed is low or null

RotoWind mixes its RotoWind technology with the “Wind Towers" principle from warm climate countries to maintain permanent ventilation even if the wind speed is low or null. The pipe is heated in an autonomous manner and allows for the extraction of stale air.

Technical Aspects

The RotoWind is placed on its support (1) through the bolt (4). TThe seal between the two is provided by a silicone seal. The opening (3) is held in closed position by the compass (5). TThe pressure exerted by the latter on the frame and the joints (6)) maintaining a seal. When the scissors are in the open position, the sash is opened along the hinge (2). It is then possible to rotate the sash 360 °, the crown (2') for rotation about an axis of the frame. The plastic element Teflon (green) limits friction. The same crown (7) allows it to follow the compass.