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Licensing Agreements

Innov-vent Licensing

Thermal losses related to the renewal of inside air represent up to 50% of the total consumption of a building, thus confirming the importance of ventilation and its stake in the race to reduce energy consumption.

In addressing this demand, RotoWind is proud to offer its various RotoWind hatch models via commercial and industrial licenses.

InnoV'vent Licensing Environments


One panel catches the wind and brings in fresh air, while the second allows the evacuation of stale air. The evacuation is favored by the venturi effect. To achieve this dual effect, the panels will be connected to a wind sensor. There is also the option to have fully autonomous systems.

Innov-vent Licensing Markets


The RotoWind hatch, in unison with the RotoWind licensing structure, was created with these goals in mind:

  • System autonomy
  • Function control
  • Anti-theft security
  • Aesthetic integration
  • Ease of maintenance
  • High volume efficiency
Innov-vent Licensing Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Various ranges of RotoWind models allow relay in market requests for air renewal. The RotoWind license can be customized according to specific needs and RotoWind operates using all of its knowledge to bring the most effective possible solution.

To guarantee an optimal functioning system, the current version of the RotoWind license includes access to a network of installers on both fixed and mobile structures.

The next versions will integrate packages of services such as:

  • Air analysis
  • Air treatment

These options will be customizable according to the environments in which the RotoWind will be integrated.