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Innov'Vent was created in June 2009 to develop and market the concept of ventilation and directional roof paneling. Innov'Vent works on three main trends of development, which are buildings, camper vans, and boats.

The inspiration behind RotoWind stems from a cruise to the Balearic Islands: in the sweltering heat of the cabin, it was difficult to create airflow despite the wind. With no windsock, the idea of positioning one or more hatches against the wind, in order to compel airflow to enter the boat, emerged. Thus, directly from the cabin, it would become possible to manage the wind flows.

Today, Innov'Vent licenses its technologies all around the world.


Pierre Mauriac
Pierre Mauriac, the founder of Innov'Vent and the RotoWind line of products, is an experienced sailor. It was during a cruise to the Balearic Islands that the idea of an adaptable hatch and directional roof paneling came to him, with the principle goal of improving boat ventilation.


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