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Welcome to the new RotoWind site.

We have gathered all of our products, concepts, and know-how to help you improve ventilation in a variety of ways. You will find all necessary technical information and photos here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about licensing our technology.

RotoWind Mobile - RV

Just like boats, recreational vehicles are subject to the difficulties of ventilation, which is why we have developed a range of products for these types of vehicles. These Mobile models come in several sizes and are fully customizable to your specifications. Find out more by visiting the RotoWind Mobile RV product page.

RotoWind Mobile - Nautical

Boating is the original purpose of the RotoWind model line. Today, Innov'Vent offers a wide range of RotoWind products aimed at the nautical world, from the original Model R to the slimmed down Model S and the flush-deck Model F. To learn more about these unique ventilation devices, head over to the RotoWind Mobile - Nautical product pages.

Product Evolution

All of our products, whether recreational, nautical, or aimed at small buildings, continue to evolve and undergo customization. These include size variations for different uses or alternative materials, such as wood and carbon fiber. Read more by visiting the RotoWind product pages.

RotoWind for Fixed Structures - Small Buildings

After focusing on recreational spaces, Innov'Vent took on the challenge of making buildings more self-reliant in terms of ventilation. There are many exciting models in store such as automated models and ventilation tracking. More information can be found on the RotoWind Small Buildings product page.